Alex Illarionov

Staff Frontend Engineer

I love Web, frontend and backend.

Sometimes it's even mutual.

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I've founded an EdTech startup in 2016 and left it in 2022.

My projects:

  1. The Supersonic Plugin For Scroll Based Animation.

    Extremely customizable 2kb javascript plugin for scroll based animation which animates 1000 elements without lags!

  2. The Superviral Word Game.

    A Vue.js word game based on the Yakut national sport "Mas-wrestling".
    Uses XState for state management, WebRTC for multiplayer and has custom WebGL engine.

  3. The Superawesome Frontend Boilerplate.

    My Vue frontend starter with tests, CI/CD, backend - everything dockerized, don't even need nodejs locally!
    Also with a styleguide for large-scale frontend projects!

My skills:

  • Senior:

    vanilla javascript, vue 3, html, css.

    team leading, mentoring, people management.

    public speaking, communicating with stakeholders.

  • Middle:

    php, laravel, postgresql, node, strapi, docker, nginx.

    vitest, playwright.

    threejs, pixijs, phaser.

  • Junior+:

    github actions, gitlab CI/CD.